Catholic Places & Pilgrimages


Have you ever wanted to take a Catholic pilgrimage but just don’t have the time to take off and travel to Europe for a week? Have you ever had the time to take a pilgrimage but didn’t have the money to fly to Rome? Why not consider taking a pilgrimage to a Shrine, Grotto, Abbey, Mission, Monastery, Basilica, or Cathedral near you? We have compiled a list of almost 300 locations in the United States where you and your family . . . → Read More: Catholic Places & Pilgrimages

St. Pius X

Pope Saint Pius X

St. Pius X was born Joseph Sarto to a poor village shoemaker and was the oldest of eight. Joseph was ordained with the help of two parish priests and was made assistant to the pastor in a small Italian mountain village. Fr. Sarto was kind and his soul was on fire for God. Fr. Sarto loved to preach about the Blessed Sacrament.

Fr. Sarto eventually became Bishop of Mantua and in 1903 was elected Pope and took the name of . . . → Read More: St. Pius X

St. Patrick


Patrick was born in Scotland in the year 387. At age 16 he was captured by pirates and was sold as a slave to the chief of Ireland. He was made to tend sheep in the mountains where he prayed much.

After six years. a voice from heaven told him to go back to his own country and Patrick escaped. But first he went to Rome where he became a priest. He was then assigned to to England, but was . . . → Read More: St. Patrick

St. John Bosco


John Bosco was born on a farm near Turin, Italy in 1850. He came from a very poor family. He walked four miles every day to school and was only able to attend for half the year. The rest of the year he worked the fields as a farmer. As he grew older he also worked as a tailor, a baker, a shoemaker, and a carpenter. He was able to work himself through school, college, and seminary until he became . . . → Read More: St. John Bosco

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


Born in New York City, Aug 28, 1774 Elizabeth lost her mother early in life, and her education became the concern of her father.

At 19, Elizabeth married William Magee Seton of New York. They had 5 children in their happy marriage and after Williams’s death Elizabeth was welcomed into the home of life long friends in Italy

Elizabeth returned to New York in 1804 & entered the Catholic Church in March of 1805. She accepted the invitation of Archbishop . . . → Read More: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton